Since June 5, 2018, Danone-AQUA has strengthened its commitment to become a pioneer in resolving plastic waste in Indonesia through three important commitments, namely Plastic Bottle Collection, Education and Innovation as an effort to solve the problem of plastic waste in Indonesia.

At the same time to realize this goal, Danone-AQUA with the spirit of collaboration and active participation worked with partners and consumers in a new movement called #BijakBerplastik. This movement aims to build a new culture of recycling culture and awareness and involvement in protecting the environment.

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Danone-AQUA is committed to collecting more plastic waste from the environment than we used in 2025, by increasing social business programs to collect and recycle plastic waste and support technology to accumulate more waste from nature.


Danone-AQUA is committed to lead a national recycling campaign in schools, public spaces and collaborating with government and retailers to test and start a recycling culture in major cities. We are targeting to be able to reach 100 million consumers by 2025.



Danone-AQUA is committed to take a big step towards the circularity of the plastic that we use. We plan to make our entire packaging 100% recyclable by 2025, while increasing the proportion of recycled plastic in our bottles from 11% at present to 50% by 2025