As an Indonesian born brand, AQUA is using a force for good and has always strived to bring goodness to the community by innovating the way we promote healthy hydration, while conserving our nature, and serving our community through protecting our water resources, minimizing our carbon emission and pioneering recyclable packaging.

In 1993, we pioneered the first recycling program “AQUA PEDULI” to support the local recycling. However, due to increase plastic packaging across all sectors and lack of infrastructure & education in place, unmanaged plastic waste has become a huge threat to our home environment. More needs to be done that requires stepping up in collection, & recycling, education and innovation.

Therefore, we launch our commitment of #BijakBerplastik as our next step to build a bigger collaboration for innovation for healthier Indonesia

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To recover plastic from the environment, Danone-AQUA is supporting pioneering technologies & social business programs to clean plastic waste from the environment. Health conditions and livelihoods of waste-collectors is also a major concern. For the last decade, Danone-AQUA has been collaborating with multiple stakeholders to address these issues within a cross sectorial waste management ecosystem. We are committed to recover more plastic than we produce in Indonesia by 2025.


To inspire more Indonesian to managing their waste , education is needed. Therefore, we are targeting to expand our schooldprogram to reach 5 million kids and lead educational campaign targeting 100 million consumers by 2025.


The key issue within manufacturing is that plastic has been designed for single use. That’s why we are building our ecosystem to find partners that can redesign our products to provide healthy hydration to all Indonesians with zero waste.

Danone-AQUA is committed to taking a big step towards the circularity of the plastic that we use. We plan to make our entire package 100% reusable, recyclable and compostable products by 2025, while increasing the proportion of recycled plastic in our bottles from 11% to 50% by 2025.